It seems like the counter argument to gun regulation is never

This is the American Dream Mall that has been under construction at the Meadowlands for over a decade. It does not look like this anymore and is actually being. It going to be the largest mall in the country and even has its own live stream. 1 point submitted 2 days agoNot really sure. I not the one putting forward the proposal but I like to know that I can go out in public and not be mowed down in a hail of bullets, so whatever prevents or reduces the possibility of that seems fine by me.It seems like the counter argument to gun regulation is never an actual solution to the problem.Drunk drivers kill 10k people a year and we go apeshit over it and develop comprehensive laws and systems etc. Yet guns kill 50k and we like _()_/InductorMan 2 points submitted 2 days agoNo you can’t typically replace with solid.

uk canada goose You sort of want to be ambushed, beat down (not killed), and enslaved. Kenshi core philosophy I say is whatever doesn kill you only makes you stronger. As long as you have some friends with you it hard to outright die as most bandits only want your food, not your life. uk canada goose

Canada Goose Parka Anyway about my perspective. Before finding repsneakers I was a hardcore sneaker collector. Over 300 pair and over $50,000 invested. I kinda thought that you were trolling the non Sombra players lurking in this subforum (who knows maybe you really are trolling lol) till I kinda started to relate especially with that Zen part and the fact that it very unlikely to face a Sombra that is an actual Sombra main in a game. To be honest, usually, I delete Sombras as Zen when I flexing (which is usually Ana or in more rare occasions Zen if i not playing DPS) and non vice versa. For some odd reasons i actually have more troubles as Ana which is much better hero against Sombra than Zen objectively. Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose Jackets BGR started as a column written by Internet personality Jonathan Geller on the popular consumer electronics blog Engadget. Geller, known only as “Boy Genius” at the time, quickly rose to Internet stardom as he became one of the biggest draws on Engadget. At age 19, Geller spun off his column into a website devoted to bringing exclusive mobile and gadget news to the masses and Boy Genius Report was born. Canada Goose Jackets

Canada Goose Online It decreases the amount of total online voting weight.QwahziCrypto God QC: NANO 308, CC 205 12 points submitted 9 days agoLN still requires opening and closing a channel on the first layer for a payment to be considered fully settled. Not to mention all of the other issues LN has like needing to backup current channel state to prevent loss of funds, needing to be online all the time, requiring channel capacity for routing, and cheap canada goose requiring users to commit BTC to open a channel.These kinds of issues are what will drive interest and adoption in alternatives that don have the same problems.QwahziCrypto God QC: NANO 308, CC 205 2 points submitted 10 days ago”Most secure” is hard to define imo. Even BTC has had severe bugs, but they were fixed before irreversible damage was done.I hold some BTC, but I partial to Nano implementation of delegated Proof of Stake because its security is determined by its users (not miners), and the lack of fees/staking drastically reduces the economic incentives for attacking Nano vs other PoS cryptocurrencies:A 51% attack in Nano essentially requires control of 51% of the supply, which is much more difficult to obtain than 51% of mining hashrateIf you were to 51% attack Nano you would just be destroying the value of all the supply you boughtThere is no mining, staking, or transaction fees, so there is no incentive for centralization due to things like economies of scale or profit maximization. Canada Goose Online

cheap Canada Goose NO to church voting. As a gay man, I have been hounded my entire life by people who use their god and their religion to hurt me. I been made out to be less than a person. Whatever situation calls for writing, writing, writing, there will be a dozen sets of eyes looking at you for guidance. In your first years, you write more stuff that barely anyone sees than you can imagine. If you love writing, this can seem like challenging drudgery cheap Canada Goose.

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