3 Point Goals Greece Athena (Adam Edinger 4

In closing I will tell you one last thing, I did something before going to sleep that I don t remember doing since I was a little boy. I knelt down at the edge of the bed I put my hands together and I thanked God for all that I have in my life for this powerful strong heart for being able to feel such deep emotion for my family and all of my good friends. I prayed that Jordan will be the same little boy in 2 years.

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Cheap jordans Fairport missed the front end of a 1 and 1 with 27 seconds left in regulation leaving Webster Schroeder with a chance to win it, but the Warriors came up short on two chances and fell short to the Red Raiders, 55 54, in a Monroe County basketball game Friday night.Fairport: Ryan Algier 2, Wanya Bruce 6, Stephen Gabel 3, TJ Hendricks 0, Jordan Holmes 0, Cam Keeley 6, Matthew Keenan 19, Nick Lapp 0, Dan Masino 12, Matt Muncey 7.Webster Schroeder: Matt Ambalavanar 5, Nick Brewer 8, Clay Dwyer 0, Brandan Gartland 14, Justin Graham 6, Jared Griffin 10, Evan Merkey 7, Andy Rye 0, Josh Simons 4.3 Point Goals Fairport (Stephen Gabel 1, Cam Keeley 1, Matthew Keenan 2, Dan Masino 1, Matt Muncey 1), Webster Schroeder (Matt Ambalavanar 1, Jared Griffin 2, Evan Merkey 1).Pittsford Sutherland 54, Brighton 52Pittsford Sutherland: Kevin Davis 18, Ryan Diana 0 cheap jordans, Robbie Doggett 6 cheap jordans, Davis Heyman 0, Craig Rosen 0, Kevin Ryan 0, Mike Ryan 12 cheap jordans cheap jordans, Jack Ward 18.Brighton: Miles Davis 7, Tim Francis 0, Arnes Huseinovic 5, Jared Lashway 0, Michael Liberti 15, Isaac Nelson 21, Jordan Samkoff 0, Mehdi Squalli 1, Jack Tullio 2, Liam Williams 12.3 Point Goals Pittsford Sutherland (Kevin Davis 1), Brighton (Michael Liberti 2, Isaac Nelson 2, Liam Williams 2).Kevin Davis had 18 points and went 11 for 14 on the foul line for Sutherland (1 1).Greece Athena 62, Spencerport 33Greece Athena: Adam Edinger 14, Ryan Kubanka 2, Anthony Lamb 22, Trevor Layne 2, Patrick Meisenzahl 3, Nigel Scantlebury 7, Chad Scorse 2, Jamie Shoemaker 0, Kenny Speed 5, Colby Tuttle 2, Paris Waterford 3.Spencerport: Zach Baxter 0, David DeBellis 0, Ryan Donovan 4 cheap jordans, Spenser Doty 0, John Feeney 0, Bernie Garwig 0, Ryan Gentile 10, Charlie Huff 0, Trevor James 0, JJ Johnson 9, Leon Mosley 0, Zekiah Owens 10, Michael Sero 0.3 Point Goals Greece Athena (Adam Edinger 4, Anthony Lamb 1, Patrick Meisenzahl 1, Nigel Scantlebury 1, Paris Waterford 1), Spencerport (Ryan Gentile 2).Anthony Lamb had 22 points and Adam Edinger added four 3 pointers for Athena.Rush Henrietta 72 cheap jordans, Victor 43Rush Henrietta: Eric Black 2, Ryan Champaigne 5, Daryl Chatman 1, Shemere Elliott 14, Shane Fanning 18, Wendell Felder 2, Jared Gerbino 1, Tyler Henry 1 cheap jordans, Justen Polk 0, Chris Reed 2, Reggie Robinson 20, Matt Snow 2 cheap jordans, Shakeem Turner 0, Steve Zarzycki 4.Victor: Clay Bleier 14, Cole Byasse 0, James Caggiano 0, Jacob DiSanto 7, Brandon Fink 0, Connor Keenan 2, Jack Leonard 0, Michael Novitsky 9, Kyle O’Dea 3, Sam Palomaki 8, Jackson Parker 0, Aaron Schlarbaum 0.3 Point Goals Rush Henrietta (Ryan Champaigne 1, Shane Fanning 4, Reggie Robinson 1) cheap jordans, Victor (Jacob DiSanto 2).Reggie Robinson scored all of his 20 points in the second half for R H (2 0).Gates Chili 72, Brockport 66Gates Chili: Zac Cowell 2, Joe Lacy 2, Corey Powell 15, Maurice Price 5, Lydell Robinson 0, Matt Schiffer 14, William Skinner 0, Keith Slack 10, Cameron Turner 21, Kailee White Jr. 3.Brockport: Antonio Alvarez 21 cheap jordans0, Willie Ball 3, Cory Gross 8, Shane Hogan 0, Brandon LaMere 2, Zach Maxon 2, Jakeb Mitchell 8, Raphael Odey 5, Noah Schultz 14, Matt VanDetta 3.3 Point Goals Gates Chili (Corey Powell 3, Maurice Price 1, Keith Slack 1, Cameron Turner 5, Kailee White Jr. 1), Brockport (Antonio Alvarez 1, Matt VanDetta 1).Noah Schultz recorded a double double with 14 points had 10 rebounds for lead Brockport (1 4).Greece Arcadia 90, Eastridge 55Greece Arcadia: Noah Barnard 3, Reggie Clark 11, Zach D’Arpino 18, Jon Dueker 0, Tom Finnerty 3, Anthony Finucane 5, Dan Freese 7, Drew Freese 0, Ian Insley 0, Ketih McGee 31, Neale McMullen 0, Fidel Norris 9, Mev Odzakozic 0, Marcus Zappia 3 Cheap jordans.

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