The Manalody Family
സാഹോദര്യം  സൗഹൃദം  സഹകരണം
For The Family For The Society

The Pillars Of Ancestry

Manalody Mammad Koya Hajji
Expired on 01-10-1968

Manalody Imbichi Koya Hajji
Expired on 04-10-1993

Mr.Manalody Kunhi koya Hajji
Expired on 13-03-1999

Manalody Ayishabi Hajjumma
Expired on 17-11-1995

Manalody Alikoya Haji
Expired on 23-06-1985

Imbichummayya Hajjumma
Expired on 13-10-1981

Manalody Abubacker Haji
Expired on 07-07-1981

Manalody Kadeejabi Hajjumma
Expired on 18-07-2010

Haji Manalody Ummer Farook
Expired on 03-07-1970

Manalody Usman Hajji
Expired on 25-09-1999


Being an active committee at Calicut, Manalody Kudumba Samithi has been organizing many activities for the well-being of family members and for the community.

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The Manalody Kudumba Samithi has been organizing bunch full of events such as Family meetups, Sports events, and other Social activities.

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Picture Gallery

Chek out all the recent activities and events captured through photographer's eyes.

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Manalody Kudumba Samithi is a very active committee in contributing to the society and supporting the backward.  Benefits and facilities such as education, health care check-ups, supporting social causes to improve the life and living conditions of the family members, disabled, the elderly, and the poor in the surrounding community.