I almost forget we have people like this running our government

I am by no means dogging anyone who reads and watches the news just saying for me it was to much.I almost forget we have people like this running our government.thatguydr 3 points submitted 1 day agoNo employers have any idea at all which DS or ML programs are good become they all too new. We all interviewing without a strong bias in that regard.The Caltech courseload is enormous and the amount of resources devoted to entrepreneurship is very low, as Caltech is a science school.If you really want to work for a FAANG after school, Caltech is good. If you want to learn about starting and running businesses and you got into Stanford, give that serious thought.I believed in climate change alarmisim.I hear all the scientists are saying it a pressing issue.

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canada goose black friday sale A recent poll has revealed widespread support for a review of Adani environmental approvals https://www.canadagoose-outlett.com if new risks are identified.The research commissioned by the Australian Youth Climate Coalition found 67 per cent supported a review of the coal mine approvals, including those designed to safeguard water, if new risks emerged.AYCC national director Gemma Borgo Caratti is now calling for Labor to commit to reviewing Adani environmental approvals if the party wins the next election expected in May. The mine is expected to create 1500 jobs during the construction phase.She said a number of questions had been raised in Senate Estimates this week about water impacts that had not been considered as part of the approval process and this would require further investigation.Legal experts have also raised the blatant political interference over the groundwater approval process may well be grounds for judicial review.infighting over the Adani mine including threats from Senator (James) McGrath for Melissa Price to be removed from her ministry if she rejected Adani groundwater plan demonstrate a high level of political bias in the approvals process, Ms Borgo Caratti said.Earlier this week it emerged Senator McGrath warned Environment Minister Melissa Price he would publicly call for her resignation if she failed to treat the mine approval fairly, according to The Courier Mail.Labor leader Bill Shorten said the party would look at the project but stopped short of committing to a review.chaos and division in the LNP can be allowed to compromise proper decision making. Labor has always said the project needs to stack up commercially and scientifically, Mr Shorten said in an statement.will consider the report that been released, and if there are decisions to be made, we make them on the best available information and in accordance with the law canada goose black friday sale.

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